Pesaleidjad (nest finders) – who we are and what we do

Pesaleidja was created in spring 2009 as a non-profit organisation with the aim of helping homeless and mistreated animals. Pesaleidja is the biggest animal shelter run by volunteers fostering over 300 cats and dogs in our shelter and foster homes.Pesaleidja's goal is to help homeless and mistreated animals, offering them a temporary home with support and care. To help as many unfortunate animals as we can, we opened a shelter in Tallinn, Mustamäe on 13.10.2012. On a daily basis, we shelter over 300 poor souls who are taken care of by our volunteers. Pesaleidja can operate thanks to donations from people, we are not supported by government or municipality.

You can help Pesaleidja by donating. Please donate a fitting amount, with explanation "donation" to Pesaleidja MTÜ account:

EE941010220247756220 (SEB)

EE102200221063071211 (Swedbank)

EE351700017003105966 (Nordea Pank)

EE647700771001866844 (LHV Pank)

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