Hoiukodu kirjutab Väikesest Triibust (inglise keeles)

She is a rescue cat that has had a traumatic past because she is missing her tail and is rather scared of humans. Väike Triip or  'Little Willow' came to us late one night after we had agreed to take her in until a permanent home could be found for her. She had been with other cats and to be suddenly alone in the alien environment of our flat was very scary for her.With her huge, round and glazed eyes she watched us warily from a corner. She is tiny and is very good at finding nooks and crannies to hide in as we later found out. She didn't eat that night and did not make a sound which was worrying but we tried to leave her alone as she needed time to settle in. She found spots under chairs etc from where she could watch us.

The next day wasn't much better. She was jumpy and scared and all our efforts at giving her food and treats were in vain. This was a very nervous and sad little cat which made us sad in turn. We had bought her toy rats in which she showed no interest.

The day passed and the night came. We had researched cat behaviour online and asked friends who told us that patience was the key. We had to give her time to relax and lose her inhibitions. We tried being in the same room with her so that she could get used to us. We didn't try to forcefully pet her or touch her.

It was later that night when suddenly we saw her move out of her hiding place and sit opposite us and then magically this silent cat meowed. Softly and hesitantly at first and then a bit louder. We were surprised but delighted at her attempt at communication. She wanted food of course. After her meal she came under the table where we were sat and purred while we stroked her.

There has been no turning back since then although progress is slow as she can be jumpy at times. Nevertheless, Vaike Triip or Little Willow is a little darling and is extremely well behaved. She uses her litter tray without fail. She does not scratch furniture and even uses her scratching post. She plays with her rat toys and is full of curiosity. She loves climbing and is graceful and super fast. She is shy but loves playing. When she is in the mood for it she jumps out and attacks my husband's feet. She can be mischievous: she keeps attacking the flowers in our vase and in the morning we find a 'dead' rose on the floor! The little monkey also tried drinking water from my glass once.:)

We love her and when she looks at you with those big eyes you want to keep her forever.I wish we could but we are not sure if we will be staying here that long so it is unfair to adopt her. When the time will come for her to move to her permanent home I know it will break my heart. For the time being we get to enjoy her company.

Väike is pure delight and is a beautiful and lovable cat. If you have her you will not be disappointed although you need to understand her and let her be sometimes. She teaches you an important lesson: whatever suffering you may have had in your past, it is possible to be happy and find life worth living.

We love you Väike and hope that you find a wonderful home...