“Pay Attention to Smaller Ones” April 13th


On April 13 the second event in the series “Pay attention to smaller ones” took place in Pärnu. Pärnu Family Support Centre is the only child welfare agency managed by the city of Pärnu. The aim of the Centre is providing social services for endangered children or children without parental care. The children's shelter is open 24 hours. Pesaleidja had rabbit Juss with us, who was already familiar with the event. For the first time participated Siisike – a cat who is still looking her own home. Also Casanova – a cat who was formerly raised by Pesaleidja, and Casanova’s friend Barky, the Devon Rex. Casanova felt at home – the kids were walking him on a leash and played with the toys children had made. Barky and Siisike bravely put up with us until the end of the event as well. Children were excited and so were the cats. It was impossible to put the best friends Barky and Casanova back in a transport box they shared - small Barky was hissing angrily, and his friend Casanova was scared and struggled. Too many impressions I guess :D Children helped to build two cotes, scratching posts for cats and smart toys for cats made of t feather, leather strip, ping-pong balls. Cotes, toys and scratching posts went to Pärnu shelter for homeless animals. As in the previous event in Tallinn, we answered children’s questions about pets and explained the principles of contemporary pet keeping. At the end everyone got pictured with their favourite pet.