„Pay Attention to Smaller Ones“ April 3rd in Tallinn - Pesaleidja and SEB Charity Fund


On April 3th children from Haiba Orphenage and Tallinn Orphanage Children’s Shelters in Kopli and Lilleküla gathered in Tallinn Zoo Learning Class.

Pesaleidja had couple of cats, a rabbit and a dog with us.  During building scratching posts for cats, we answered children`s questions and explained them right ways of keeping pets. We built together two cotes, scratching posts and toys for the pets. Scratching posts and toys were given to Tallinn Animal Shelter.

The event was organized in co-operation with SEB Charity Fund which supports several children`s shelters all over the country. We are currently planning three similar events in Pärnu, Tartu and Narva.

The idea behind the event is that those children are not able to keep pets today and they miss the whole conception of pet keeping. Therefore educating them and bringing pets closer to them by building toys for pets for example would be a good idea.

Children were most happy - rabbit Juss, kitty Stina and bulldog Hugo were eagerly petted, kitties Miku, Kurr and Tipsi on the other hand didn`t leave their transport box.

Children`s eyes became glowing and that was the nicest thing to see. They were eager to build and were even disappointed when everything got done. One teenager was defiant until the very end when he was asked to hold bulldog`s belt -  and the defiance was gone J .

The Zoo`s vet stopped by with a boa and the children were allowed to pet the boa until their first fear vanished.